ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 3aNS - Noise

  1. 3aNS1 On comparing noise metrics applied to hearing conservation.
  2. 3aNS2 Noise exposures in U.S. coal mines.
  3. 3aNS3 Comparison of daily noise exposures in one workplace based on 3-dB
  4. 3aNS4 The impact of using a 3-dB vs 5-dB exchange rate on the predicted
  5. 3aNS5 Contribution of off-the-job noise to hearing thresholds of
  6. 3aNS6 Nonoccupational noise exposures and estimated daily L[sub eq]
  7. 3aNS7 Noise exposure measurements of the Tokyo String Quartet.
  8. 3aNS8 Investigation of lawn-maintenance equipment noise.
  9. 3aNS9 Sampling strategy for noise dosimetry measurements.
  10. 3aNS10 Active noise reduction for circumaural hearing protectors by
  11. 3aNS11 New method dose for a 24-h estimation of occupational and