ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 2pPAb - Physical Acoustics

  1. 2pPAb1 On the use of probe microphone and level difference measurements
  2. 2pPAb2 Acoustic probe microphone measurements of Biot type I and II waves
  3. 2pPAb3 The influence of pore-size distributions on complex wave number in
  4. 2pPAb4 Sound propagation in capillary-tube-type porous media: Effects due
  5. 2pPAb5 Sound attenuation in a cylindrical tube due to
  6. 2pPAb6 Wave dynamics and flow in multiple-porosity media.
  7. 2pPAb7 Modeling sound propagation in a high porosity fibrous material.
  8. 2pPAb8 Sound transmission in a pipe developing laminar flow:
  9. 2pPAb9 Propagation of sound in a lined circular duct with sheared mean