ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 1pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 1pSP1 Perception of fricatives synthesized by higher-level control of a
  2. 1pSP2 Landmark detection for distinctive feature-based speech
  3. 1pSP3 Clear speech does not exaggerate phonemic contrast.
  4. 1pSP4 The role of segment-internal rate information in the phonetic
  5. 1pSP5 Cross-language tests of the perceptual magnet effect for /(inverted
  6. 1pSP6 A locus equation study of syllable-final stop place of
  7. 1pSP7 Speakers nasalize /(edh)/ if it is preceded by /n/, but listeners
  8. 1pSP8 Effect of fundamental frequency perturbations on medial
  9. 1pSP9 Devoicing a /z/ does not make an /s/.
  10. 1pSP10 Spectral discontinuities and the vowel-length effect.
  11. 1pSP11 Self-organizing maps of stop consonant place from token-level
  12. 1pSP12 Stimulus intensity and fundamental frequency effects on duplex
  13. 1pSP13 Acoustic evaluation of surgical intervention for one speech
  14. 1pSP14 Postvocalic consonant clusters in Swedish.
  15. 1pSP15 Perceptual evidence of voicing assimilation in Russian.
  16. 1pSP16 Acoustic features differentiating Korean medial tense and lax
  17. 1pSP17 Hemispheric differences in the perception of Zulu click
  18. 1pSP18 Combining time averaging and ensemble averaging in analyzing
  19. 1pSP19 Ejectives in Babine-Witsuwit'en.
  20. 1pSP20 Acoustic correlates of manner of articulation for Urdu stop