ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 5pUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 5pUW1 Finding eigenrays by optimization with application to tomography
  2. 5pUW2 Sound-pressure level calculations using the RRA algorithm for
  3. 5pUW3 Prufer transforms and numerical solutions to the Helmholtz
  4. 5pUW4 Exact mode representation of sound propagation in a shallow-water
  5. 5pUW5 Multipath structures of pulse signals in shallow water with a
  6. 5pUW6 Simulation studies of narrow-band and cw acoustic propagation
  7. 5pUW7 PE modal decomposition of VLA data.
  8. 5pUW8 Comparison of data and parabolic equation solutions for long-range
  9. 5pUW9 Modeling of the acoustic propagation through the Gulf Stream.
  10. 5pUW10 Measurements of propagation loss in isothermal surface ducts.
  11. 5pUW11 VLF cw signal analysis.
  12. 5pUW12 Comparison of time-domain parabolic equation and measured ocean
  13. 5pUW13 Improvement in the shallow-water prediction of sonobuoy detection
  14. 5pUW14 Exact reflection and transmission operator symbols in