ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 5pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 5pSP1 Modeling format frequency discrimination.
  2. 5pSP2 Perception of vowel height: Effects of varying F1--F0 difference.
  3. 5pSP3 Formant transitions and the identification of concurrent vowels
  4. 5pSP4 On the distinctive pitch of vowels: Perceptual prototypes for
  5. 5pSP5 The curious case of English /w/ and /y/.
  6. 5pSP6 An examination of the perceptual magnet effect.
  7. 5pSP7 Identification and change/no-change discrimination of [i] stimuli:
  8. 5pSP8 Influence of dynamic spectral information on rate-dependent vowel
  9. 5pSP9 Perception of synthetic silent-center syllables: A replication and
  10. 5pSP10 Categorical perception of silent-center syllables.
  11. 5pSP11 Compensation abilities to lip perturbations of rounded vowel [u].
  12. 5pSP12 An acoustic and perceptual comparison of English and Spanish
  13. 5pSP13 Developmental changes in cross-language vowel perception.
  14. 5pSP14 Vowel normalization by articulatory normalization: Preliminary
  15. 5pSP15 Integrality of nasalization and F1 in vowels in isolation and