ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 5pPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 5pPA1 The influence of boundary layer on elastic wave scattering by
  2. 5pPA2 Scattering from an elastic shell and a doubly infinite fluid--solid
  3. 5pPA3 Increased backscattering from an inhomogeneous liquid--solid
  4. 5pPA4 Wave scattering from a thin random fluid layer.
  5. 5pPA5 Scattering from partially contacting interfaces.
  6. 5pPA6 On the scattering of elastic waves in inhomogeneous material.
  7. 5pPA7 Acoustic diffraction by multiple two-dimensional objects; its
  8. 5pPA8 Elastic normal modes in multilayered heterostructures.
  9. 5pPA9 Variational methods and boundary conditions for Bloch waves in
  10. 5pPA10 The effect of domainons on the energy band in ferroelectric
  11. 5pPA11 Ferroelectric domain layer wave in ABA type 180(degrees) domain
  12. 5pPA12 Electroacoustic waves in a piezoelectric-layered structure under
  13. 5pPA13 Shear horizontal waves in layered structure with 180(degrees)
  14. 5pPA14 The subband in ferroelectric 180(degrees) multilayered domain