ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 5aUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 5aUW1 Recent work on biological choruses in Australian waters.
  2. 5aUW2 Analysis and modeling of the results of ECONOMEX.
  3. 5aUW3 Rapid calculation of distant shipping noise in an underwater
  4. 5aUW4 Bubble clouds as sources of underwater noise.
  5. 5aUW5 The correlation between ocean wave energy dissipation and ambient
  6. 5aUW6 Influence of bathymetry on the spatial characteristics of ambient
  7. 5aUW7 Estimation of the spatial (vertical and horizontal) arrival
  8. 5aUW8 Ambient noise measurements in the southern Norwegian Sea.
  9. 5aUW9 Gaussian mixture statistical model of arctic noise.
  10. 5aUW10 Acoustic characterization of ice vibrations.
  11. 5aUW11 Free and forced vibrations in a floating ice sheet: Modeling and
  12. 5aUW12 Matched-field estimation of scattering from Arctic ice---Analysis
  13. 5aUW13 Optimal array configurations for a Bartlett beamformer in an
  14. 5aUW14 Measurement of ocean-bottom compressional and shear speeds in the