ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 5aPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 5aPP1 Three-process model of auditory-nerve fiber tuning curve shapes.
  2. 5aPP2 Characterizing auditory filter nonlinearity at 2 kHz.
  3. 5aPP3 A comparison of peripheral and ``attentional'' auditory filters.
  4. 5aPP4 Masking can explain the effects of notched noise on forward-masked
  5. 5aPP5 Diminished response to acoustic transients in aged rodents.
  6. 5aPP6 Temporal pattern perception in the goldfish: Methods and models.
  7. 5aPP7 Effect of stimulus intensity on the pitch of a complex tone's
  8. 5aPP8 Edge pitches of complex tones obtained at high frequencies.
  9. 5aPP9 A computer model of the physiological basis of the extraction of
  10. 5aPP10 Phase sensitivity in psychoacoustical and physiological
  11. 5aPP11 Modulation-following responses and peripheral neural adaptation.
  12. 5aPP12 Cochlear nucleus neural mechanisms preserve complex-sound feature
  13. 5aPP13 Spectral representation of envelope beat frequency in the
  14. 5aPP14 The effects of notched noise on detection of amplitude modulation
  15. 5aPP15 Detection and discrimination of mixed modulation signals at
  16. 5aPP16 Detection of mixed modulation at 6 kHz.