ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 5aMU - Musical Acoustics

  1. 5aMU1 Sensitivity to duration and frequency of occurrence of tones in
  2. 5aMU2 A parallel learning model of musical pitch perception.
  3. 5aMU3 Similarity judgments of fifth-spaced tones and dyads thereof.
  4. 5aMU4 Stimulus properties critical to normalization of instrument timbre.
  5. 5aMU5 Multidimensional scaling of synthetic musical timbre: Perception of
  6. 5aMU6 Abstraction of musical tonality.
  7. 5aMU7 Early musical acculturation.
  8. 5aMU8 Perception of the pitch of speech and of the pitch of music by
  9. 5aMU9 Segregation of voiced and whispered concurrent vowels in English
  10. 5aMU10 The apparent duration of the restored speech segments.
  11. 5aMU11 Reaction times to phonemic restoration.
  12. 5aMU12 Neural network supporting auditory-vocal integration in singing.