ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 5aAO - Acoustical Oceanography

  1. 5aAO1 A review of initial matched-field inversion experiments.
  2. 5aAO2 Reducing instability through dimensionality reduction, with
  3. 5aAO3 An application of matched-field processing to the determination of
  4. 5aAO4 Matched-mode processing (MMP) vertical slice tomography.
  5. 5aAO5 The evaluation of acoustic parameters in shallow-water
  6. 5aAO6 Estimation of seismoacoustic properties of the ocean bottom by
  7. 5aAO7 Inversion for bottom sound speed and bathymetry in a 3-D
  8. 5aAO8 Parameter estimation bounds on estimating geophysical parameters
  9. 5aAO9 Global inversion using genetic algorithms.
  10. 5aAO10 Matched-field inversion for range-dependent bottom properties and
  11. 5aAO11 Using circulation models to improve ocean imaging (and vice
  12. 5aAO12 Demonstration of the large and small sector limits for large
  13. 5aAO13 Application of neural and statistical classifiers to the problem
  14. 5aAO14 Application of a maximum-likelihood processor on acoustic
  15. 5aAO15 Waveform analysis of seafloor Scholte waves.