ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 4pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 4pSP1 An exploration of phoneme structure and models of classification
  2. 4pSP2 Trading relations; discreet versus continuous perception.
  3. 4pSP3 Perceptual weight of acoustic cues for voicing in French [t, d]:
  4. 4pSP4 An acoustic analysis of the effects of cue deletions on the
  5. 4pSP5 Selective adaptation of context-conditioned voiceless fricatives.
  6. 4pSP6 Multidimensional scaling of the native language prototype effect.
  7. 4pSP7 Training Japanese listeners to identify english /r/ and /l/: A
  8. 4pSP8 Effect of extended training on /r/ and /l/ identification by native
  9. 4pSP9 Vowel continuity and perception of /ba--wa/.
  10. 4pSP10 A developmental study of the perception of onset spectra for stop
  11. 4pSP11 A preliminary test of prototype theory for a [ba]-to-[da]
  12. 4pSP12 Acoustic correlates of phonetic prototypes: Velar stops.
  13. 4pSP13 Training native English speakers to identify Hindi dental and
  14. 4pSP14 Cue interaction in an intervocalic voiceless affricate/fricative
  15. 4pSP15 Individual variability in the use of acoustic cues to place and
  16. 4pSP16 The perception and processing of foreign-accented speech:
  17. 4pSP17 Coarticulatory information in word recognition: A phonetic priming
  18. 4pSP18 Methods for testing vowel perception in the field.
  19. 4pSP19 The perception of speech gestures.
  20. 4pSP20 The effects of clear speech on crossmodal speech perception.
  21. 4pSP21 Alternative scoring systems for the modified distinctive features
  22. 4pSP22 The vanished Lombard effect.
  23. 4pSP23 Listener performance under variations in signal content.
  24. 4pSP24 Distribution of sound levels for consonants and vowels within
  25. 4pSP25 On the correlation among neighboring energy pixels in the speech
  26. 4pSP26 Density of voicing information in purely temporal consonant
  27. 4pSP27 CSRE: A speech research environment.