ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 4pPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 4pPA1 An experimental investigation of the nonlinear interaction of
  2. 4pPA2 Acoustic nonlinearity parameter inversion from harmonic
  3. 4pPA3 Absorption of sound by noise in one dimension.
  4. 4pPA4 Viscous effects in the acoustic levitation of gas bubbles.
  5. 4pPA5 Sonoluminescence spectra.
  6. 4pPA6 Temperature distribution and heat transfer from the pulsating
  7. 4pPA7 The radial oscillations of a gas bubble in a surfactant solution.
  8. 4pPA8 The acoustic interaction forces between two fluid spheres in an
  9. 4pPA9 Ultrasonic four-wave mixing mediated by a suspension of
  10. 4pPA10 Rayleigh wave nonlinearity.
  11. 4pPA11 Development of an algorithm for evaluating finite amplitude waves
  12. 4pPA12 Burgers' equation generalized for absorption obeying a power law.
  13. 4pPA13 On the instability of one-dimensional acoustic standing waves.