ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 4aUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 4aUW1 Passive localization and classification at low signal-to-noise via
  2. 4aUW2 Holographic array processing in the presence of ambient noise.
  3. 4aUW3 Holographic array processing using truncated arrays.
  4. 4aUW4 Broadband localization and deconvolution.
  5. 4aUW5 A normal-mode based approach for localization of transient signals.
  6. 4aUW6 Detection of transients using the nonstationary bispectrum.
  7. 4aUW7 Model-based matched-filter processing of Doppler-shifted signals in
  8. 4aUW8 Target tracking using matched-field processing.
  9. 4aUW9 Synthetic aperture processing of a moving cw sound source in a
  10. 4aUW10 Sound-speed profiles from vertical array data.
  11. 4aUW11 Self-cohering conditionally constrained minimum variance
  12. 4aUW12 Further comments on beamforming with acoustic measurements at a
  13. 4aUW13 Optimal linear array configuration and weighting through simulated
  14. 4aUW14 Beamforming towed array data when knowledge of the hydrophone
  15. 4aUW15 A generalized beamformer based on a spatial bispectrum.
  16. 4aUW16 Signal parameter estimation via transfer matrix analysis.