ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 4aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 4aSP1 Speech perception as a talker-contingent process.
  2. 4aSP2 The effects of speaking rate and stimulus variability on the
  3. 4aSP3 Talker differences and perceptual normalization.
  4. 4aSP4 Attentional effects on phonetic encoding of acoustic cues.
  5. 4aSP5 Changing the deployment of attention to phonetic structure.
  6. 4aSP6 The abstractness of lexical representations.
  7. 4aSP7 On the perceptual integrality of duration and amplitude cues to
  8. 4aSP8 The distinctiveness of word onsets.
  9. 4aSP9 Perceptual identification of phonologically flapped words.
  10. 4aSP10 Further evidence for activation of sublexical units in spoken word
  11. 4aSP11 Effects of lexical status on children's and adults' perception of
  12. 4aSP12 Age-related differences in the discrimination of two-formant
  13. 4aSP13 Sonority contrasts dominate young infants' vowel perception.
  14. 4aSP14 Allophonic constraints and segmentation in infant speech
  15. 4aSP15 Do infants remember voices?