ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 3pSA - Structural Acoustics

  1. 3pSA1 Asymmetric actuation and sensing of a beam using piezoelectric
  2. 3pSA2 Active control of finite beam volume velocity using shaped PVDF
  3. 3pSA3 Curved piezo-actuator models for vibration control of cylindrical
  4. 3pSA4 Active control of nonlinear vibration of a panel structure.
  5. 3pSA5 Modeling the sensor/actuator response of a finite disk transducer
  6. 3pSA6 Active control of radiated noise and vibrations from an automobile
  7. 3pSA7 Active systems for attenuation of noise.
  8. 3pSA8 Active noise control simulations in a parallelepipedic cavity.