ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 3aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 3aSP1 An actuarial approach to cochlear implant candidacy in deaf
  2. 3aSP2 An actuarial approach to cochlear implant candidacy in deaf
  3. 3aSP3 Single- versus multichannel vibrotactile supplements to intonation
  4. 3aSP4 Automated derivation of phonemic spectral distribution in speech
  5. 3aSP5 Estimated hearing handicap (using the AMA method and a
  6. 3aSP6 Speech changes during exacerbation in multiple sclerosis.
  7. 3aSP7 Perception of supraperiodic voices.
  8. 3aSP8 A comparison of voice analysis systems for perturbation
  9. 3aSP9 A comparison of frequency spectra of normal and hoarse voices.
  10. 3aSP10 Nasometric evaluation of velopharyngeal function in nonliterate
  11. 3aSP11 Developmental phonological impairment: An acoustic description of
  12. 3aSP12 Effects of alterations in auditory feedback on stuttering
  13. 3aSP13 Perception of coarticulatory cues in the speech of profoundly
  14. 3aSP14 Processing of stop-vowel syllables by normal and language-impaired
  15. 3aSP15 Reading disability: A deficit in rate of auditory processing or in