ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 3aMU - Musical Acoustics

  1. 3aMU1 Modulation detection interference and sound source determination.
  2. 3aMU2 Identification of a single modulated component in a complex sound.
  3. 3aMU3 Anomalies in the neural tonotopic-synchrony pattern as the basis
  4. 3aMU4 Across-channel processing of amplitude modulation in cochlear
  5. 3aMU5 Comodulation masking release for AM noise maskers.
  6. 3aMU6 Effect of prior stimulation on modulation detection interference.
  7. 3aMU7 Monotic and dichotic modulation detection interference.
  8. 3aMU8 Across-frequency interactions in an interaural correlation
  9. 3aMU9 The effect of amplitude comodulation on extracting sentences from
  10. 3aMU10 Why do masker fluctuations as in interfering speech lower the