ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 3aEA - Engineering Acoustics

  1. 3aEA1 High-temperature fiber optic lever microphone incorporating a
  2. 3aEA2 Finite baffle diffraction effects on second-order differential
  3. 3aEA3 A simple sensor for direct measurement of particle velocity in
  4. 3aEA4 Acoustical holography with arbitrarily shaped sources in a
  5. 3aEA5 Improved laser interferometry for ultrasonic vibration measurements
  6. 3aEA6 Dual SAW sensor for the measurement of skin friction on structures
  7. 3aEA7 Acoustic calibrator for plethysmographic surface pressure sensors.
  8. 3aEA8 Integral method for modeling the sound field above a porous
  9. 3aEA9 Measurement of the real and imaginary piezoelectric, elastic, and
  10. 3aEA10 Effect of dynamical fluid compressibility and permeability on
  11. 3aEA11 More on low peak-factor periodic functions.
  12. 3aEA12 How much random data is enough?
  13. 3aEA13 A universal shading method---successive approximation method.