ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 2pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 2pSP1 Signal analysis and representation for speech recognition.
  2. 2pSP2 How do humans process and recognize speech?
  3. 2pSP3 Design of a feature-based speech recognizer aiming at integration
  4. 2pSP4 Proper time-frequency distributions for speech.
  5. 2pSP5 Auditory front ends in speech recognition systems.
  6. 2pSP6 A computational auditory model for real-world sounds of useful
  7. 2pSP7 Multi-microphone cross-correlation based processing for robust
  8. 2pSP8 Acoustic correlates of vocalic nuclei of syllables.
  9. 2pSP9 Multiple speaker localization using envelope time delays.
  10. 2pSP10 Speaker-independent speech recognition using an auditory model
  11. 2pSP11 Fourier descriptors for time domain labeling of multi-speaker
  12. 2pSP12 Evidence of word class effects for word recognition in sentences.
  13. 2pSP13 Phonetic classification of plosive voicing using computational
  14. 2pSP14 Locating landmarks in utterances for speech recognition.
  15. 2pSP15 Speech recognition in noise: Comparing an auditory model with
  16. 2pSP16 A nonlinear filter bank model for the auditory periphery.