ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 2pPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 2pPP1 Modeling and simulation of typanograms.
  2. 2pPP2 Integrated mathematical model of the ear. I. Free-field pressure to
  3. 2pPP3 Integrated mathematical model of the ear. II. Application and
  4. 2pPP4 A mathematical model of hair cell transduction.
  5. 2pPP5 Evaluation of a digital adaptive filter, noise-reduction scheme for
  6. 2pPP6 ECoS: The experiment control system.
  7. 2pPP7 Encoding amplitude modulation in the cochlear nucleus: A model.
  8. 2pPP8 Differential synchronization rates of eighth nerve and midbrain
  9. 2pPP9 Involvement of medial olivocochlear system in detection in noise.
  10. 2pPP10 Eye-closed positional and positioning nystagmus in an abnormal
  11. 2pPP11 A comparison of octave-band noise masking patterns obtained from
  12. 2pPP12 Time-frequency analyses of coherent frequency fluctuations among
  13. 2pPP13 Comparison of suppression across frequencies.
  14. 2pPP14 Detection of amplitude modulation with linear-frequency-modulated
  15. 2pPP15 Temporal resolution of frequency-modulated signals.
  16. 2pPP16 A difference limen for periodicity pitch perception related to
  17. 2pPP17 Cross-modal enhancement of repetition detection for very long
  18. 2pPP18 Properties of the structure of multi-tone sequential patterns that
  19. 2pPP19 Temporally directed attention in the detection and discrimination
  20. 2pPP20 Use of the psychophysical method of adjustment in tonal pattern
  21. 2pPP21 The effects of training method on frequency discrimination for
  22. 2pPP22 Processing advantages for sequential pure tones related by small
  23. 2pPP23 An illusion based on dichotic fusion of harmonically related
  24. 2pPP24 Buildup of echo suppression: Effects of echo delay and source
  25. 2pPP25 Discriminating the direction of auditory motion.
  26. 2pPP26 Shifting auditory attention through space.
  27. 2pPP27 Localization and recall of the spatial position of sounds.
  28. 2pPP28 On the potential of fixed arrays for hearing aids.
  29. 2pPP29 Relative auditory distance perception of synthetic reflections and
  30. 2pPP30 A comparison of maskers on spatially separated competing messages.