ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 2aEA - Engineering Acoustics

  1. 2aEA1 Approximate evaluation of the spectral density integral for a large
  2. 2aEA2 Fundamentals of outer decoupler design for flow noise reduction.
  3. 2aEA3 Wave-vector filtering and flow noise reduction in finite
  4. 2aEA4 Effect of various array structures on flow noise reduction.
  5. 2aEA5 Interaction of TBL-induced flexural waves, element spacing, and
  6. 2aEA6 Determination of electrical drives for a cylindrical wave-number
  7. 2aEA7 A planar eight-elemental flexural disk fiber optic acoustic sensor.
  8. 2aEA8 Concerning the ``displacement thickness theory'' of boundary layer
  9. 2aEA9 Aerodynamic noise theory---An alternative monopole source term.
  10. 2aEA10 Improved integration methods for poles in transfer functions.