ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 2aAO - Acoustical Oceanography

  1. 2aAO1 Benchmark comparisons between an NRL, SCC high-frequency shallow
  2. 2aAO2 The split-step Pade solution.
  3. 2aAO3 New results for the elastic parabolic equation.
  4. 2aAO4 Spectral formalism of wave propagation in a range-dependent
  5. 2aAO5 Coupled modes in a waveguide with a range-dependent rigid basement.
  6. 2aAO6 Comparison of two numerical models for acoustic transmission loss
  7. 2aAO7 On the measurement of environmental parameters with a volumetric
  8. 2aAO8 Statistics of shipping noise vertical directionality in shallow
  9. 2aAO9 Source localization based on coherent scattering from a rough
  10. 2aAO10 Shallow-water broadband source localization in range and bearing
  11. 2aAO11 Performance stability of high-resolution matched-field processors
  12. 2aAO12 Vertical coherence of long-range reverberation in a Pekeris
  13. 2aAO13 Adaptive multiuser receiver for shallow-water acoustic telemetry
  14. 2aAO14 Comparisons and sensitivity analyses of numerical predictions of
  15. 2aAO15 Simulated annealing and genetic algorithm in shear modulus