ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 1pPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 1pPA1 Determination of texture coefficients in hexagonal polycrystalline
  2. 1pPA2 A comparison of elastic constants of the quasicrystalline and cubic
  3. 1pPA3 Using piezoelectric film and resonant ultrasound for photoacoustic
  4. 1pPA4 Focusing of fast transverse modes in silicon and slow transverse
  5. 1pPA5 Characterizing the performance of acoustic microscopes.
  6. 1pPA6 Ultrasonic measurements of excess nonlinearity in polymers.
  7. 1pPA7 Time domain causality relations: Results for absorption obeying a
  8. 1pPA8 Causal time domain parabolic wave equations for power law
  9. 1pPA9 Acoustic pressure peak created at the impact of a missile on a
  10. 1pPA10 An approximate analysis for penetration of spaced foils.
  11. 1pPA11 Oscillations of a deformed drop in an acoustic field.
  12. 1pPA12 Thermoacoustics of traveling waves.
  13. 1pPA13 Transient sound radiation from impulsively accelerated bodies.
  14. 1pPA14 Acoustic spiral wave field.