ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 1pAO - Acoustical Oceanography

  1. 1pAO1 Shallow water acoustics research issues.
  2. 1pAO2 Issues in numerical modeling of shallow water seismoacoustics.
  3. 1pAO3 Modeling acoustic propagation in shallow range-dependent
  4. 1pAO4 Modeling issues for predicting sound propagation at moderate
  5. 1pAO5 Sonar signal processing and shallow water acoustics.
  6. 1pAO6 Forward scatter and signal coherence in shallow water.
  7. 1pAO7 Fluctuations and predictability of sound propagation at moderate
  8. 1pAO8 Some features of ambient noise in shallow tropical waters.
  9. 1pAO9 The issue of time-varying oceanographic conditions as related to
  10. 1pAO10 How well do physical oceanographic (P.O.) models and routine P.O.
  11. 1pAO11 Shallow water acoustic channel monitoring with selective mode
  12. 1pAO12 A two-wave-number description of shallow water ocean acoustics.