ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 5pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 5pSP1 On the applicability of VQ codebooks to connected digit
  2. 5pSP2 Speaker-independent connected digit recognition algorithm for a
  3. 5pSP3 Speaker-independent sound recognition.
  4. 5pSP4 Robust speech recognition in a multimedia teleconferencing
  5. 5pSP5 Dynamic cepstral parameter incorporating time-frequency masking and
  6. 5pSP6 Very large vocabulary lexical access in real time from continuous
  7. 5pSP7 Speaker adaptation for segment-based isolated-word recognition.
  8. 5pSP8 Word recognition using an auditory model front-end incorporating
  9. 5pSP9 Neural network approach to assist markings of syllabic nuclei for
  10. 5pSP10 Unsupervised neural networks that use a continuity constraint to
  11. 5pSP11 Recovering articulator trajectories using task dynamics and a
  12. 5pSP12 Development of a female voice for a concatenative synthesis
  13. 5pSP13 Influence of an internal reference system and cross-modality
  14. 5pSP14 Synthesis of names using careful speech style.