ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 5pPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 5pPA1 Liquid-filled spherical reflectors: Analysis of glory ray
  2. 5pPA2 Liquid-filled spherical reflectors: The exceptional case of
  3. 5pPA3 A T matrix for scattering from a doubly infinite fluid--solid
  4. 5pPA4 Description of the sound scattering and radiation from compact but
  5. 5pPA5 Coupling finite element and boundary element methods for the
  6. 5pPA6 Elastic scattering at various incidences by a thin cylindrical
  7. 5pPA7 Acoustic image analysis of acoustic scattering from rigid spheroids
  8. 5pPA8 Scattering by an obstacle embedded in a plane-stratified,
  9. 5pPA9 Vein diagram: A simplified version of time-frequency display for
  10. 5pPA10 E[sub 6] diffraction catastrophe in light scattered near the
  11. 5pPA11 Large eddy simulation of aerosound using homogeneous turbulence as
  12. 5pPA12 A study of the premonitions of chaos.
  13. 5pPA13 Designing synchronous chaotic systems.