ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 5aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 5aSP1 Effects of first formant onset frequency on voicing judgments
  2. 5aSP2 Perception of voicing in syllable-initial stops at different
  3. 5aSP3 Labeling of the voiceless affricate/fricative contrast and an
  4. 5aSP4 Acoustic comparisons of some Korean and English consonants.
  5. 5aSP5 Perception of Canadian French unvoiced stops.
  6. 5aSP6 The development role of interspeaker variability in the perception
  7. 5aSP7 The influence of presentation level and relative amplitude on the
  8. 5aSP8 Spectral characteristics of stops in connected speech and citation
  9. 5aSP9 Internal phonetic category structure depends on multiple acoustic
  10. 5aSP10 Trading relations for puretone analogues of speech.
  11. 5aSP11 The influence of sentence articulation rate on the internal
  12. 5aSP12 Pragmatic and semantic contextual effects on the phonological rule
  13. 5aSP13 Derivation of fricative source-filter characteristics by analysis