ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 5aPAa - Physical Acoustics

  1. 5aPAa1 Investigation of the periodicity of sonoluminescing from a single
  2. 5aPAa2 Scaling laws for sonoluminescence.
  3. 5aPAa3 Collapse of a bubble in the cavitation zone near a rigid boundary.
  4. 5aPAa4 Characteristics of sonoluminescence at ambient temperatures near 0
  5. 5aPAa5 Spectrum of synchronous picosecond sonoluminescence.
  6. 5aPAa6 Radial wave thermoacoustic engines.
  7. 5aPAa7 Search for second sound in deep water gravity waves.
  8. 5aPAa8 Acoustic phase velocity measurements in a bubbly liquid using a
  9. 5aPAa9 Elastic Helmholtz resonators.
  10. 5aPAa10 Higher-order Lamb resonances and their critical frequencies.
  11. 5aPAa11 Acoustic radiation pressure.
  12. 5aPAa12 Helicopter aural detection as a function of reduced main rotor