ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 4pSA - Structural Acoustics

  1. 4pSA1 Acoustic design for noise reduction (ADNR), a method and computer
  2. 4pSA2 Acoustic radiation from a multilayer sandwich plate subjected to a
  3. 4pSA3 Tailoring panel structural mode shapes for noise reduction across
  4. 4pSA4 A transfer function approach to panel/frame structural acoustics.
  5. 4pSA5 Prediction of acoustic radiation using analytical/numerical
  6. 4pSA6 Nonlinear panel response and acoustic radiation from plane-wave
  7. 4pSA7 Nonlinear vibration and radiation from a panel-stringer structure
  8. 4pSA8 Wigner function description of fluid-loaded plates.
  9. 4pSA9 Acoustic monitoring of metallic beams by evaluation of resonant
  10. 4pSA10 Acoustic monitoring of beams by wavelet analysis.
  11. 4pSA11 Global and local partial response of ribbed uniform panels.
  12. 4pSA12 Analysis of the pass--stop band structure of a membrane with
  13. 4pSA13 Vibration analysis of a thick plate using 3-D elasticity
  14. 4pSA14 The dynamic behavior of a reinforced concrete beam with or without
  15. 4pSA15 The dynamic behavior of a three-member plane truss with and