ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 4pPPa - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 4pPPa1 Postnatal cochlear function development in normal dogs and deaf
  2. 4pPPa2 A statistical method to determine signal processing and stimulus
  3. 4pPPa3 Neuronal processing in cochlear nucleus of vowel combinations:
  4. 4pPPa4 Masking of tones and formant frequencies.
  5. 4pPPa5 Within-signal versus between-signal frequency discrimination for
  6. 4pPPa6 Uni- and multidimensional identification of rise time, spectral
  7. 4pPPa7 Speech intelligibility, localization, and binaural detection with
  8. 4pPPa8 Processor-controlled multichannel adaptive hearing aid.
  9. 4pPPa9 Normal hearing levels for noise-reducing earphone types.
  10. 4pPPa10 Digital feedback suppression in open-ear hearing aids.
  11. 4pPPa11 Basic study of estimation of auditory source width (ASW) (1) ASW
  12. 4pPPa12 How to measure the degree of interaural cross correlation as a
  13. 4pPPa13 Auditory looming perception: Influences on anticipatory
  14. 4pPPa14 Efficiency of analytic versus synthetic listening in spectral
  15. 4pPPa15 A tool for the study of pitch perception.
  16. 4pPPa16 A procedure for the study of auditory stream segregation.
  17. 4pPPa17 Testing an auditory streaming hypothesis of the comodulation
  18. 4pPPa18 Intensity resolution performance and loudness growth in high-pass
  19. 4pPPa19 On the nature of nonmonotonic notches in input/output functions
  20. 4pPPa20 Effects of standing waves on high-frequency thresholds.
  21. 4pPPa21 Virtual instrument implementation of a one-third-octave-band
  22. 4pPPa22 The effect of vibrotactile noise on the growth of sensation