ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 4pEA - Engineering Acoustics

  1. 4pEA1 Facilities and underwater test capabilities at the Naval Surface
  2. 4pEA2 Underwater acoustic measurement facilities at NRL/USRD.
  3. 4pEA3 Underwater acoustic facilities at AARC.
  4. 4pEA4 The Westinghouse automated acoustic test facility.
  5. 4pEA5 Full-spectrum industrial-base hydroacoustic support: A survey of
  6. 4pEA6 Current and projected evolutions in the Navy's sonobuoy acceptance
  7. 4pEA7 Coastal Systems Station acoustic test facility.
  8. 4pEA8 Acoustic acquisition, test, and analysis Naval Undersea Warfare
  9. 4pEA9 Acoustic test facilities at the Applied Research Lab/Penn State.
  10. 4pEA10 Technical summary of the Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC)---Open
  11. 4pEA11 Test and evaluation of the Seawolf class submarine bow sonar
  12. 4pEA12 NSWCDDWODET underwater acoustic measurements facility.
  13. 4pEA13 Design of a low-cost ambient pressure acoustic test facility.
  14. 4pEA14 CAMAC-based, pulsed-mode, integrated system for underwater