ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 4pAB - Animal Bioacoustics

  1. 4pAB1 Acoustically cued countermeasures taken by insects in response to
  2. 4pAB2 Ontogeny and phylogeny of the cyclopean mantis ear.
  3. 4pAB3 Talking to bats: what do arctiids say?
  4. 4pAB4 Responses of green lacewings (Insecta: Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) to
  5. 4pAB5 Phonotaxis in crickets: Investigations of the mechanisms of
  6. 4pAB6 A novel hearing organ in an acoustic parasitoid fly.
  7. 4pAB7 The acoustics of Hawaiian katydids.
  8. 4pAB8 Behavioral study of zooplankton response to high-frequency
  9. 4pAB9 Acoustic and laryngographic measurements of primate vocalizations.
  10. 4pAB10 Absolute and relative pitch perception by a bottlenose dolphin (T.
  11. 4pAB11 Cetacean perception of the marine environment---A theoretical