ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 4aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 4aSP1 A simulation study of the relation between vocal tract movement and
  2. 4aSP2 Quantitative characterization of vowel formant transitions.
  3. 4aSP3 A cross-linguistic validation of locus equations: Are there
  4. 4aSP4 Vowel-consonant-vowel transitions, analysis and modeling.
  5. 4aSP5 Evidence for bistability in the region of perceptual boundaries.
  6. 4aSP6 A model of concurrent vowel segregation using an implementation of
  7. 4aSP7 Effect of token variability on discrimination between vowel sounds
  8. 4aSP8 Spectral integration in vowel perception: Matching and
  9. 4aSP9 Perception of vowels synthesized from sinusoids that preserve
  10. 4aSP10 Cross-linguistic preferences in onset-nucleus sequences.
  11. 4aSP11 Some observations of women's and children's F2 frequencies:
  12. 4aSP12 Perceptual boundaries of diphthong-like stimuli.
  13. 4aSP13 A developmental study of native and non-native vowel perception.
  14. 4aSP14 A multidimensional mathematical model of vowel perception by users
  15. 4aSP15 Navajo vowels and universal phonetic tendencies.