ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 4aSA - Structural Acoustics

  1. 4aSA1 Active structural acoustic control of radiation due to broadband
  2. 4aSA2 On using dispersion characteristics to actively control transient
  3. 4aSA3 Optimizing actuator locations in feedforward active control systems
  4. 4aSA4 Wave-number analysis of active structural acoustic control of sound
  5. 4aSA5 Optimization of actuator locations for active control of sound
  6. 4aSA6 A hybrid formulation for blended adaptive feedforward and feedback
  7. 4aSA7 Advanced time domain sensing techniques for active structural
  8. 4aSA8 Active structural acoustic control of noise transmission through
  9. 4aSA9 Active structural acoustic control of cylinder radiation with
  10. 4aSA10 An active noise control stethoscope.
  11. 4aSA11 Causality analysis in broadband feedforward controlled systems.
  12. 4aSA12 Active control of spinning mode noise from a turbofan engine.
  13. 4aSA13 The active control of point acoustic sources in a half-space.
  14. 4aSA14 Active noise control applied to extended sources in a half-space.
  15. 4aSA15 A new technique for controlling noise transmission into a cavity
  16. 4aSA16 In-flight validation of an active noise control system for