ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 3pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 3pSP1 A trajectory formation model of articulatory movements.
  2. 3pSP2 Examining a respiratory control model using an allometric analysis
  3. 3pSP3 Timing of lip and jaw movements in the production of vowel types
  4. 3pSP4 Interarticulatory coordination of mandibular, labial, and velar
  5. 3pSP5 Visualization of 3-D palate shape for an enhanced
  6. 3pSP6 Tongue surface deformation during obstruent stop consonants.
  7. 3pSP7 Graphics tool for 3-D tongue modeling.
  8. 3pSP8 Finite element tongue model---Algorithms.
  9. 3pSP9 Rigid body reconstruction of jaw motion in speech.
  10. 3pSP10 Numerical simulation of unsteady flow in the glottal constriction
  11. 3pSP11 Modal analysis of a finite element simulation of the vocal folds.
  12. 3pSP12 Experimental study of the aerodynamics of a larynx model.
  13. 3pSP13 Observation of articulatory movements using a magnetic
  14. 3pSP14 Articulatory kinematics in VCV sequences.