ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 3pAA - Architectural Acoustics

  1. 3pAA1 Demonstrations/comparisons of a series of models including
  2. 3pAA2 Demonstration of the ODEON computer model.
  3. 3pAA3 Demonstration of the CATT computer model.
  4. 3pAA4 Demonstration of the AcoustaCADD computer model and auralization
  5. 3pAA5 Demonstration of the Modeller computer program and auralization
  6. 3pAA6 Enhancing a model of auditory information processing to exhibit
  7. 3pAA7 Binaural recordings from KEMAR mannequin in several acoustical
  8. 3pAA8 The Convolvotron: Real-time demonstration of reverberant virtual