ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 3aUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 3aUW1 Evolution of local spectra in smoothly varying nonhomogeneous
  2. 3aUW2 Downslope conversion in oceanic sound propagation: CENTRO/ANTS code
  3. 3aUW3 The application of a normal mode perturbation method to assess the
  4. 3aUW4 Environmental perturbation of ocean waveguide eigenmodes.
  5. 3aUW5 The existence of generalized eigenfunctions and multiple
  6. 3aUW6 Three-dimensional global acoustic PE model.
  7. 3aUW7 Eliminating phase errors in parabolic equation propagation models
  8. 3aUW8 Predictability of low-frequency acoustic propagation in shallow,
  9. 3aUW9 Parabolic-equation modeling of global-scale acoustic propagation in
  10. 3aUW10 Mean energy calculations in a numerical parabolic equation average
  11. 3aUW11 A Maslov--Chapman wave-field representation for broadband,
  12. 3aUW12 Geometric beam tracing.
  13. 3aUW13 Combination of Gaussian beam optimization and finite element
  14. 3aUW14 Multiple precursors due to leaky head waves.
  15. 3aUW15 Attenuation of low-frequency sound in shallow water.
  16. 3aUW16 Efficient computation of synthetic seismograms in piecewise
  17. 3aUW17 The maximal range step in parabolic wave propagation in
  18. 3aUW18 Effects of ocean turbulence on multipath beamforming.