ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 3aPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 3aPA1 Harmonic interactions in plane and cylindrical nonlinear Rayleigh
  2. 3aPA2 On the existence of stationary nonlinear Rayleigh waves.
  3. 3aPA3 Nonlinear behavior of PZT ceramics at megahertz frequencies.
  4. 3aPA4 Nonlinear interaction of two simple waves in an open resonator.
  5. 3aPA5 Bandwidths and amplitudes of self-excited, flexible-walled cavity
  6. 3aPA6 Isolation of a negative pressure pulse by means of diffraction.
  7. 3aPA7 Finite-amplitude propagation of sound beams, improvements of the
  8. 3aPA8 Megahertz-frequency acoustic cavitation at high duty cycles and
  9. 3aPA9 Experiments on capillary wave turbulence.
  10. 3aPA10 On the fundamental physical mechanisms leading to electrical
  11. 3aPA11 An electrical discharge steam bubble acoustic source.
  12. 3aPA12 Experimental investigation of highly intense sound beams from two
  13. 3aPA13 A theoretical investigation of a highly intense sound beam from a
  14. 3aPA14 Finite-difference and Pestorius algorithms for solving nonlinear