ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 3aAO - Acoustical Oceanography

  1. 3aAO1 Generation and dispersion of near-surface bubble densities.
  2. 3aAO2 Characteristics of near-surface, low-frequency sound speeds.
  3. 3aAO3 Comparative acoustic measurements of the ocean bubble layer.
  4. 3aAO4 Stochastic scattering model predictions for reverberation from the
  5. 3aAO5 Acoustic characteristics of laboratory breaking waves.
  6. 3aAO6 Low-frequency oscillations of bubble plumes.
  7. 3aAO7 Delayed microbubble radiation due to aerosols from large raindrop
  8. 3aAO8 Low-frequency, high efficiency sources for acoustic monitoring of
  9. 3aAO9 Variability of heat content in the Northcentral Pacific in summer
  10. 3aAO10 Seasonal variability of the acoustic energy distribution along a
  11. 3aAO11 Possible uses of submarine canyons in acoustic thermometry.
  12. 3aAO12 Parametric models for acoustic convergence zone variations.
  13. 3aAO13 Acoustic models and target strengths of the Atlantic cod (Gadus
  14. 3aAO14 Multifrequency acoustic visualization and information retrieval
  15. 3aAO15 Weather observations using autonomous acoustic drifters.
  16. 3aAO16 Tidal signals in basin-scale acoustic transmissions.
  17. 3aAO17 Acoustic daylight: Theory and numerical simulations for an imaging
  18. 3aAO18 Arctic ring eddies and acoustic ambient noise.
  19. 3aAO19 Nonlinear dynamics of wind waves: Multifractal phase/time