ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 2pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 2pSP1 A six-month post-electrical stimulation effect in speech
  2. 2pSP2 Evaluation and modeling of channel independence and uncertainty
  3. 2pSP3 Timing and magnitudes of oral and nasal flow in cochlear implant
  4. 2pSP4 Speech production skills of children with cochlear implants with
  5. 2pSP5 Individual speech-recognition susceptibility to noise in elderly
  6. 2pSP6 Auditory supplements to speechreading: Combining amplitude envelope
  7. 2pSP7 Temporal and spectral characteristics of diadochokinetic utterances
  8. 2pSP8 Prosodic marking in the error revision of apraxic speakers.
  9. 2pSP9 Modifications to stutterers' respiratory, laryngeal, and
  10. 2pSP10 Syllabic perception: Effects of absolute and relative temporal
  11. 2pSP11 The importance of phase in the perception of intervocalic stop
  12. 2pSP12 Visual influence on heard speech syllables with a reduced visual
  13. 2pSP13 Nasality in modal speech and twang qualities: Physiologic,
  14. 2pSP14 An experimental analysis of spirantization in Spanish.
  15. 2pSP15 Comparison of human and monkey sensitivity to the English liquid
  16. 2pSP16 Acoustical analysis of false starts in spontaneous speech.