ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 2pAO - Acoustical Oceanography

  1. 2pAO1 Travel time tomography simulations for the test ocean constructed
  2. 2pAO2 Relative arrival tomographic reconstruction using drifting
  3. 2pAO3 Test of nonperturbative ocean acoustic tomography inversion.
  4. 2pAO4 Performance of acoustic tomography via matched-field processing.
  5. 2pAO5 Numerical simulation of modal ocean acoustic tomography.
  6. 2pAO6 Issues important in modal tomography.
  7. 2pAO7 JAMSTEC's ocean tomography method.
  8. 2pAO8 The effect of acoustic tomographic data in a dynamical model-based
  9. 2pAO9 A tomographic view of mesoscale activity in the Gulf Stream
  10. 2pAO10 Is Del Grosso's sound-speed algorithm correct?
  11. 2pAO11 Acoustic thermometers at basins-scales in the northeast Pacific.
  12. 2pAO12 New theory/algorithms for bubble density measurement using inverse
  13. 2pAO13 Errors in tomographic imaging of scalar and vector fields from
  14. 2pAO14 Broadband PE propagation through mesoscale perturbations.
  15. 2pAO15 On ray/mode approaches to the broadband shallow water tomography