ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 1pPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 1pPP1 A profile analysis model.
  2. 1pPP2 Auditory profile analysis of harmonic complexes.
  3. 1pPP3 Spectral-shape discrimination of 3-component complexes as a
  4. 1pPP4 Temporal integration of noise band signals measured in a profile
  5. 1pPP5 Directional masking of a complex signal by speech spectrum noise.
  6. 1pPP6 Periodicity of maskers not targets determines ease of perceptual
  7. 1pPP7 Across frequency grouping in the binaural masking release of
  8. 1pPP8 Tempo sensitivity in auditory sequences.
  9. 1pPP9 The proportion-of-total variance (PTV) rule for the discrimination
  10. 1pPP10 The proportion-of-the-total-duration (PTD) rule holds for duration
  11. 1pPP11 Identification of novel multidimensional speech-like sounds and
  12. 1pPP12 Identification of multidimensional complex sounds having parallel
  13. 1pPP13 Intensity changes in two-tone complexes and model predictions.
  14. 1pPP14 Effects of spectral and temporal uncertainty on the detection of