ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 1aUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 1aUW1 Experimental verification of the theory for sound propagation in a
  2. 1aUW2 Sensitivity of shallow water transmission loss to source and
  3. 1aUW3 Contribution of bottom-refracted sound to oceanic sound
  4. 1aUW4 The influence of bottom geoacoustics on the dispersive behavior of
  5. 1aUW5 Simulation of two-dimensional, fine-scale geomorphology.
  6. 1aUW6 Small scale lateral variability of geoacoustic properties of the
  7. 1aUW7 Estimation of the geoacoustic properties of the upper oceanic crust
  8. 1aUW8 Remote sensing of seafloor geoacoustic properties using SH and Love
  9. 1aUW9 Tomographic measurements of sediment inhomogeneities and
  10. 1aUW10 Acoustic response of a torsional shear wave transducer in a
  11. 1aUW11 Coherence measurements of deep-ocean seismoacoustic noise and
  12. 1aUW12 The depth dependence of seismic background noise within the sea
  13. 1aUW13 Analysis and characterization of ambient noise in shallow water.
  14. 1aUW14 Environmental noise in the parabolic equation.
  15. 1aUW15 The effect of transient signal vertical directionality on
  16. 1aUW16 Noise normalization technique for beamformed towed array data.
  17. 1aUW17 Beam noise and array gain models for computing ship resolution