ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 1aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 1aSP1 Discrimination of short speech-like formant transitions.
  2. 1aSP2 Human newborns show a ``perceptual magnet effect'' for native
  3. 1aSP3 Phonemes and syllables as units of speech perception in newborns.
  4. 1aSP4 Evidence for activation of sublexical units in auditory lexical
  5. 1aSP5 Syntagmatic and paradigmatic states in spoken word recognition.
  6. 1aSP6 Perceptual representation in spoken word recognition: Evidence from
  7. 1aSP7 Effects of natural and synthetic adaptors on a synthetic voice
  8. 1aSP8 Perception of ethnic identity: The role of F0.
  9. 1aSP9 Perception of ethnic identity: The roles of speech sample, speaker,
  10. 1aSP10 Using auditory models to enhance telephone speech for the hearing
  11. 1aSP11 Assimilative and contrast effects of speaking rate on speech
  12. 1aSP12 The transmission of prosodic information via selected spectral
  13. 1aSP13 Estimation versus word recognition of monosyllabic words.
  14. 1aSP14 Contributions of voice-source and vocal-tract characteristics to