ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 1aPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 1aPP1 Precedence effect with and without interaural differences---Sound
  2. 1aPP2 Auditory spectral resolution and the localization of clicks in the
  3. 1aPP3 Experiments involving auditory localization over headphones using
  4. 1aPP4 Masking level differences for tones and speech in elderly listeners
  5. 1aPP5 Binaural performance in children with a history of otitis media.
  6. 1aPP6 Investigation of phase distortion in the synthesis of head-related
  7. 1aPP7 Auditory spectral cues for the resolution of front--back confusion
  8. 1aPP8 Minimum audible angles for synthesized localization cues presented
  9. 1aPP9 On the measurement of source separation.
  10. 1aPP10 The correlation between responses under monaural and binaural
  11. 1aPP11 An artificial neural network model of human sound localization.