ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 1aEA - Engineering Acoustics

  1. 1aEA1 The single European market and its influence on measurement and
  2. 1aEA2 Piezoelectric electronically focused shock wave generator.
  3. 1aEA3 Abstract withdrawn.
  4. 1aEA4 Kilohertz Gaussian transducer design and fabrication.
  5. 1aEA5 A systematic experimental investigation of a highly intense
  6. 1aEA6 Theoretical model for the unimorph flexural disk transducer.
  7. 1aEA7 A low-frequency one-sided flextensional transducer.
  8. 1aEA8 Flextensional transducer modeling using variational principles.
  9. 1aEA9 Fabrication of a high-frequency polymer projector.
  10. 1aEA10 Image derived second-order differential microphones.
  11. 1aEA11 Intensity-modulated fiber-optic microphone.
  12. 1aEA12 Electrostatic actuator method for calibration of high- temperature