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Welcome to the web site of the AUDITORY list, which provides information about and related to the AUDITORY list, an email list for the discussion of organizational aspects of auditory perception. The list was created in 1992 by Professor Albert S Bregman of the McGill University Department of Psychology. It is currently maintained by Dan Ellis, who also runs this web site.

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This section contains messages that I have decided to distribute through the web rather than sending to the AUDITORY list. I have refrained from posting them because of their size or tangential relevance. I hope this is an appropriate alternative.

Joining and leaving the AUDITORY list

By joining the AUDITORY email list, you will receive all the postings via email, and you will be able to contribute to the discussions. You can join the list by filling in the form on the AUDITORY membership questionnaire.

Subscribed members can leave the AUDITORY list, or modify their current details (including email address) by visiting their private AUDITORY information edit page, and selecting the "no messages" option at the bottom of that page. Please refer to the message you received when joining the list for the URL of the edit page, or you can contact me to retrieve it for you.

Archives of postings to the AUDITORY list

Messages to the list since its creation in 1992.

Other local information pages

Seminars on hearing

There are numerous seminar series around the planet devoted to issues of audition relevant to this group. Here are collected some web links to the ones I know about. Please send me suggestions for additions.

Journal Contents/Abstracts

I'm afraid I haven't been keeping all of these up to date, so coverage is partial at best. If anyone knows better sources for this data, please let me know.

Source code & other pieces

Other sites

Pages of auditory/acoustics links

I'm afraid this is a meta-link-list. Rather than compiling my own comprehensive list of auditory-related sites, here are some pointers to other peoples. I wirry that this may be a degenerate activity - list of links to other people's lists of links, but I've tried to be selective for pages with some description and/or very wide coverage.

Please send me your suggestions of other things to do on this page.

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